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It's impossible to imagine the modern life without this device in spite of the fact that a huge amount of kitchen equipment has been established in the century of innovative technologies. But grill remained, remains and will remain very demand invention through simple construction and great functionality. With the help of the grill you may pamper yourself and your families with a wide range of products. But its main direction is cooking kebab. Many people still think this dich will differ with good flavoring qualities only if it is grilled.
Galvanized dish
Galvanized dish is in every countryside and city houses. It’s still relevant in spite of popularity of plastic. While producing galvanized dish the technology of blank seam is applied. The ideal accuracy and the limit density of connections exclude the leakage and add strength. This exactly quality allows to use galvanized dish in a range of economic activities: carrying of sand, soil, fertilizers, oil and lubricants, any liquid, solid and bulk substances. Metal strength allows to use it during renovation and building.